Five Reasons You Should Ditch Your Elevator Pitch

For business owners, the dreaded elevator pitch incites great anxiety, and oftentimes, abject fear. Beyond pitch competitions, every day, countless individuals attempt to introduce themselves, share information and engage others for the purpose of building a relationship to sell products and services or themselves.

While it’s highly unlikely you can close a deal at hello with a killer elevator pitch—even a pitch that is flawlessly delivered—it is completely possible that a poorly constructed and delivered elevator pitch can unnecessarily lengthen the sales process, make an extremely poor impression or remove your company from consideration altogether.

When engaging in face-to-face interactions, the majority of the communication occurs through your nonverbal behaviors and your tone of voice. Therefore, authenticity is critically important to making a unique, positive and memorable first impression that supports your brand.

Whether you’ve honed your pitching skills or are still mastering them, there are five important reasons to ditch your elevator pitch and to develop a more strategic approach to introduce yourself, your company and your products and services to prospects, industry peers or influencers.


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