Meet Renée


Renée T. Walker is the founder and host of Ensightium — a multichannel resource for small business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs — and the president of RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES, a strategy, brand and marketing agency that accelerates business growth and solves complex communications challenges.

An award-winning brand and communications executive, Renée honed her strategy, business, brand and marketing expertise through executive positions with multimillion and billion-dollar brands in the private, public and nonprofit sectors over three decades.

She is the author of “Brand Power for Small Business Entrepreneurs,” a featured contributor to industry publications, a Business2Community business expert blogger and a member of the TechTown Detroit Ask the Expert program.

Renee Walker Ensightium Founder

“As your company’s CEO, managing partner, owner, president, founder, or chief cook and bottle washer, you’re one of its most valuable and visible assets.” – Renée Walker


Brand Power for Small Business Entrepreneurs share the secrets to building, enhancing, and leveraging a profitable brand.

“Ask 100 people to define “brand” and you’ll get 100 different answers, but Walker deconstructs the mythology and the confusion into smart, translatable business ideas that focus on what matters most: results.”


Chas Withers, president and chief operating officer

Dix & Eaton

 “Brand Power for Small Business Entrepreneurs is a just that—power! Walker decodes big business branding strategies. … A must-read for every small business owners.”


Deborah Gray, Ph.D., faculty

College of Business Administration, Central Michigan University

“Walker’s laser-focused ability to create  successful strategies is the foundation of this blueprint for entrepreneurs.”


Leslie Backus, APR, president

Leslie J. Backus, Inc.