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Unlock the Amazing Power of Social Proof to Increase Sales

It is said that the power of social media can make or break your business. And we could not agree more. After all, there are now over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide! One thing that has changed over time when it comes to building business credibility, boosting sales and earning customers' trust is the way prospects use the internet and social media.

5 Insanely Simple Questions to Boost Your Marketing

5 Insanely Simple Questions to Boost Your Marketing

Whether you're operating a small business with a few employees or you're a freelancer or solopreneur, the ability to effectively market your products and services to your target customer is vital. Before developing your marketing campaigns, it's important to develop a well-thought-out strategy that conveys the right messages and achieves your marketing goals.

10 Knucklehead Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Better Results

10 Knucklehead Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Better Results

Marketing is a critical part of every successful business. It’s crucial to take a strategic approach to your marketing efforts to optimize success and maximize your investment. Here are ten knucklehead mistakes that often hinder marketing success for small business owners, solopreneurs and freelancers.

Renee Walker Make Your Dreams Come True

Make Your Dreams Come True

Happy New Year!

Each new year we make resolutions to make our dreams come true. New possibilities abound for each of us as we celebrate the beginning of new year. We must embrace our opportunities, focus our talent, and harness our faith and power to realize our dreams.

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12 Powerful Growth Strategies to Increase Revenue

Growing a small business is no easy feat and requires a tremendous amount of perseverance, dedication, focus, and even some luck. Knowing how to manage your growth and ensuring your ability to deliver exceptional service to your customers are paramount for long-term success.

Renee Walker Helps Brands Achieve Sustainable Long-Term Growth

Renée T. Walker has literally honed her business, branding, communication and leadership expertise through executive positions with multi-million and billion-dollar brands in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Following nearly three decades of communications and leadership experience, she launched her own strategic communications consultancy, RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES (RW&A), in 2012.

It’s Fourth and Goal: How to Improve Your Success

With the fourth quarter just a few days away, are you on track to achieve or exceed your business or career goals this year? If so, congratulations and keep your momentum going! However, if you’re among the many small business owners and professionals that began this year with great optimism and a sincere desire to enhance your productivity, to accelerate your results and to increase your revenue, but have fallen behind your milestones, it’s not too late.