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A little about me…

Today’s guest is Renée Walker. She is a highly-regarded speaker on strategy, branding, marketing, leadership and communications topics, and a frequent contributor to industry-related publications. During her more than 30-year career, she has earned many titles: brand whiz, strategist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcaster and accredited public relations pro.

Renée Walker is the president of RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES, a full-service strategic communications consultancy. She is the founder and host of Ensightium Podcast—a multichannel platform for small business branding, marketing, client development and growth strategies. Renee is the author of Brand Power for Small Business Entrepreneurs.

Topics and Interview Questions

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, there are no shortage of complex business challenges that require innovative problem-solving. And among them, growing your small business—no matter its size or success—often presents unique challenges and unintended consequences. Having a well-thought-out growth strategy is critically important for the long-term and sustainable success of small businesses.

  • How can business owners develop a growth strategy that yields results for their small business?
  • What should small business owners include in their growth plan?
  • As most new businesses fail within the first five years, what insights can you share to help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve this important milestone?
  • Please share some resources that you have used to grow your business.
  • What is the number one reason most people fail to succeed when creating a growth plan?

Strong brands convey the value that you provide to your customers and the promise that you make to them. It is extremely important to know that your brand is built from the inside-out and that there are absolutely no shortcuts to creating a positive, recognizable and profitable brand.

  • What is branding?
  • Why is your small business brand important?
  • Does proactively managing your small business brand provide competitive advantages?
  • What are the common myths and misconceptions about branding?
  • What are some specific actions small business owners can take, today?

Marketing is critically important to any business. While manufacturing stellar products and providing exceptional services and solutions are a given, marketing is required to bring awareness of your business,  its products and services and to attract customers for your offerings.

  • Sales and marketing are often used interchangeably. Are sales and marketing the same thing?
  • Why is marketing so important?
  • What are the five most common faux pas, mistakes and misconceptions about marketing?
  • How can small business owners best market their products and services?
  • What resources can you share to help our listeners get started?

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