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I'm on a mission to help small business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs accelerate their business growth.

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Real-world, cost-efficient and transformative strategies.

Join host Renée Walker as she shares practical strategies to accelerate your brand and marketing success so you can grow your business.

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Expert Insights to Challenge the Status Quo.

A featured contributor to industry publications and business blogs, Renée provides her expert insights and thought provoking perspectives to fast-track your business, professional and financial success.

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Need brand, marketing and business strategies?

In her videos, Renée, host of Ensightium and president of RENEE WALKER & ASSOCIATES — a strategy, brand and marketing agency — shares the strategies, tactics and tools that she uses to grow her business and help her clients, delivered in her signature conversational, no-nonsense and empowering style.

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My purpose is to educate, engage and empower you.

I don’t know how she does it, but as she presents, I can see that her confidence is being transmitted to the audience! It is a phenomena that I don’t see with a lot of speakers. Her content was immediately applicable, practical, and grounded in the real world of workplace communications. She provided specific advice to many attendees on how to deal with vexing workplace communications issues.
Amy Showalter

CEO, The Showalter Group

Renée is not only warm and engaging as a speaker, but gives you concrete, actionable information that will help you grow your business. I have already begun putting her recommendations into place.

Jodi Piros

President, Two Way Street Communications LLC